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As the original importers of heat transfer vinyl, we aim to supply the widest variety of top quality products at the best prices possible. For any further queries or information not available on our website, please feel free to contact us.

Our Products

os flex

OS FLEX Type: Economical cut & press vinyl (PVC based).Ideal for: Designs that are not too small or intricate.Unique features: Extremely durable and does not crack over time.Can be pressed onto: Cotton, poly-cotton blends, polyester, canvas, denim, etc.Cannot be...

pu print

PU PRINTType: Thin and soft white print, cut and press vinyl (polyurethane based).Ideal for: High-quality branding onto anything.Unique features: The thinnest printable on the market, giving a great quality finish and soft feel. It has great colour retention and an...

clear print pu

CLEAR PRINT PUType: Clear, thin and soft print, cut and press vinyl (polyurethane based).Ideal for: White and light coloured garments that need a full colour print.Unique features: Due to the vinyl being clear, it allows for full colour prints to be pressed onto...


Gold, Silver, Bronze & Camo
Now In Stock!


COMPUFILMType: Economical white print, cut & press vinyl (PVC based).Ideal for: Heavy duty branding onto work-wear, sportswear, bags, etc.Unique features: Thicker than the other two, it is more suitable for stronger and tougher garments. It has brilliant colour...


OS Flock
12 Colours Available


ULTRAPRINTType: Soft white print, cut and press vinyl (nylon based).Ideal for: General branding, including umbrellas, gazebos, waterproof gear.Unique features: Thinner than compufilm but thicker than PU print, this is a great economical product suitable for most...

Useful Information
Weeding Problems? Helpful hints when cutting OS Flex Products
Replace cutting blades regularly

The use of a very sharp blade is extremely important as is the use of original equipment from the cutter manufacturer’s agent. These will give you the best results. Historically pirate parts generally can be “poor value” and inferior quality.

Cutting Blade Holder

Whilst many customers change blades regularly, the actual replacement of the blade holder is overlooked. This is also a “wear part” and plays a significant role in the cutting efficiency of your cutter. Therefore, if you are experiencing poor cut quality, with a new blade, replace the holder and possibly have your local technician in to have a look at the cutting machine if the replacement parts have not solved your problem.

Should problems persist

Perhaps you should then use OS STICKY BACK which is ideal for small text and intricate designs.