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Our application tape is a clear adhesive tape that can be re-used multiple times and is heat resistant, allowing you to use it on your garments when heat pressing. It does not leave any sticky residue.

Cut and press vinyl: These products do not need application tape, however it can be used to “stick” the designs onto the garment and keep them in place before pressing. Once the design has been pressed you can just peel the application tape away and re-use it if necessary.

Digitally printable vinyl: These products require application tape to transfer the design off the plastic carrier onto the garment. The application tape must be applied to the design once the ink is dry. When you remove the film the vinyl will be stuck to the application tape. It is then placed onto the garment where it will remain flat and heat protected. Once you have pressed the design, while it is still warm, peel off the application tape and set aside to re-use again if necessary.

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