Useful Information
Weeding Problems? Helpful hints when cutting OS Flex Products
Replace cutting blades regularly

The use of a very sharp blade is extremely important as is the use of original equipment from the cutter manufacturer’s agent. These will give you the best results. Historically pirate parts generally can be “poor value” and inferior quality.

Cutting Blade Holder

Whilst many customers change blades regularly, the actual replacement of the blade holder is overlooked. This is also a “wear part” and plays a significant role in the cutting efficiency of your cutter. Therefore, if you are experiencing poor cut quality, with a new blade, replace the holder and possibly have your local technician in to have a look at the cutting machine if the replacement parts have not solved your problem.

Should problems persist

Perhaps you should then use OS STICKY BACK which is ideal for small text and intricate designs.

The Advantages of printing with Vinyl for textiles rather than screen printing
Advantages for Vinyl Printing
  • Clean, quick and economical
  • Can easily be done “in-house”
  • Size & Shape of numbers / Lettering can be changed instantly with a “click of the mouse”
  • Can be successfully used on the widest range of fabrics from heavy duty cottons to the finest manmade fabrics, used for most sportswear
  • Our top-quality vinyl will NOT crack, peel or fade!
Screen Printing Caps? Why the transfer method is better Screen Printing Caps…

It is a known fact that it is almost economically impossible to produce small or even large quantity printed caps with a multi coloured design, via screen printing. This is due, in main, to registration problems associated with screen-printing. Then of course their is the problem of quick turnaround which cannot be offered with the screen-printing process.

The benefits of transfer printing for caps
  • Multi coloured designs up to photographic quality can be printed onto caps quickly and in both large and small quantities at very low cost.
  • We offer a number of transfer media solutions depending what is required by the client and what printing equipment you have.
  • If you use a laser digital printer for white caps, use TECHNIPRINT transfer paper. For dark coloured caps use EVOLUTION.
  • If you have a Print and Cut machine which uses Eco and Full Solvent or Latex inks, then COMPUFILM and ULTRAPRINT is the product to use.
SABS Approved

“OS FLEX Silver Reflective is now approved by the SABS”
Tested for high visibility clothing as per Standard BS EN 471:2003. Available per meter.

Environmentally Safe (Highest Global Standard)

Environmentally Safe (No harmful or hazardous materials).
All our OS FLEX products carry a certificate of manufacturing excellence which conforms to:

  • ISO 14001:2004
  • DIN EN ISO 14001:2005

The products do not contain harmful or hazardous materials. The certification is the highest global standard and accepted worldwide.